July 28, 2014

Despite a request yesterday by President Obama to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for an immediate humanitarian cease-fire and a Security Council demand late last night for a cease-fire, Israeli officials refuse to pause hostilities and reportedly plan to expand their offensive in Gaza.
Strained US Ties Seen as Israel Rejects Cease-fire Pleas
An Israeli army Merkava tank rolls along the border between Israel and the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip on July 28, 2014. (David Buimovitch/AFP/Getty Images)
Returning Jihadists Planning a Major Attack on Britain
July 7, 2014
Heard in London
by Jeremy Bradshaw

British security services are on red alert following revelations that returning jihadists from Syria and Iraq plan a major attack in Britain. Around 500 individuals from Britain have traveled to Syria to join al-Qaeda-linked groups in Syria. Tracking these jihadists as they return to the UK has become a top priority for MI5.
Confusion Reigns Over ISIS Leader Video, Iraqi PM Election
July 7, 2014

The fate of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is currently unknown after a video of a man claiming to be Baghdadi surfaced over the weekend amid other claims that Baghdadi was gravely injured during a battle with Iraq security forces and has fled to Syria.
Tense Japan-S. Korea Ties Undermine Allied China Response
July 3, 2014
Deep-rooted tensions between South Korea and Japan appear to be complicating efforts by the United States to form a united front against China’s mounting regional belligerence and North Korea’s nuclear program.
New Risks But no Exit from West’s Economic Slump
July 3, 2014
The West appears headed for Japanese-styled stagnation because politicians and central bankers have failed to apply the right policies to recover from the economic malaise caused by the global banking collapse in 2008.

Why Did the West Not See ISIS Threat Earlier?
July 2, 2014
Heard in London
by Jeremy Bradshaw

The suddenness and speed of the surge by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) took all by surprise. Yet this al-Qaeda splinter group now threatens to run from Iraq and Syria in to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Why was this threat not recognized sooner? Were Western intelligence authorities asleep on the job?
Exclusive: British Intelligence Sees Putin Still Eyeing Ukraine
July 2, 2014
British intelligence experts are convinced that Russian President Vladimir Putin still has contingency plans for the additional annexation or conquest of Ukrainian territory, possibly while the West’s attention is focused on the jihadist crisis in Iraq.
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