April 16, 2014
A new strategy being developed by the U.S. Marines would focus on expeditionary warfare that is “fast, austere and lethal,” partly in response to budget cuts and partly to prevent a future Benghazi-like embassy disaster. Called Expeditionary Force 21, the Marine Corps playbook will maintain the branch’s fighting prowess while adding surprising changes to improve crisis response.
Inside the Marine Corps Plan to Stop the Next Benghazi
Marines conduct a dawn patrol in the Nawa district of Afghanistan in May 2010. (US Marine Corps)
Striking Israeli Diplomats Threaten Pope's Visit to Holy Land
March 27, 2014
A three-week strike by the staff of Israel’s Foreign Ministry is dealing a blow to its diplomatic efforts and could cancel Pope Francis’ spring visit to the Holy Land. With the standoff escalating this week to include the closure of Israel’s embassies and consulates, the nation’s ability to defend its security and diplomatic interests is being compromised.
Indian Privacy Erodes Under NSA-Style Surveillance Regime
March 27, 2014

Indian privacy advocates are sounding the alarm over broad government snooping operations that ensnare not only Indian citizens but anyone in contact with individuals and businesses in India via email or telephone. Two massive new surveillance programs — Project NETRA, covering Internet traffic, and the Content Monitoring System, targeting telecom — now scoop up vast quantities of personal data throughout the country.
Make an IED in an Airport? DIY Bomb Builder Shows How
March 26, 2014
Authorities this month yanked a magazine from the newsstands at London’s major airports that showed in detail how to build an IED using ordinary gift-shop items purchased after passing through security: a coffee mug, a battery, water and body spray. The piece went on to explain how to build a shotgun and crossbow using magazines, an umbrella and other common airport-shop purchases, with photos and how-to diagrams.
A Flight Vanishes, Along With a Government’s Credibility
March 26, 2014
The inept handling of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, on full display for weeks, reflects deeper problems afflicting the Southeast Asian country. Malaysia remains an ethnically divided country hobbled by five decades of one-party rule, and there are few signs that the ruling party intends to change course.
China Finds Fastest Way to Develop a Stealth Fighter: Steal It
March 26, 2014

Seven years ago, stealth technology allowed the U.S. Air Force to dominate all comers while Chinese pilots often refused to fly at night or in bad weather. Today, a next-generation Chinese stealth fighter jet to rival America's best is undergoing flight tests. In a few years, Chinese fighter-bombers invisible to radar will dominate the skies of East Asia.
Brazil: Security Worries Increase as World Cup Nears
March 26, 2014
Despite heavy spending on security, Brazil is coping with a range of vulnerabilities as it prepares to host the 2014 World Cup tournament starting June 12. A leaked government report this month detailed the risks, including strikes, protests, demonstrations and unrest among indigenous groups and agricultural workers.
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