October 23, 2014

By Joel Himelfarb

Two deadly terrorist attacks targeting soldiers this week have left many Canadians fearing that their country is poorly prepared to tackle the domestic Islamic terrorist threat.

Canadians Fear Government is Unprepared to Stop Terrorism
Police search the area around Ottawa's National War Memorial where a terrorist killed a Canadian soldier Wednesday. (Peter McCabe/Getty Images)
Illicit ISIS Finances Could Remain Intact for Years
September 5, 2014
By fencing stolen oil, kidnapping for profit and engaging in mafia-style extortion, ISIS terrorists have secured significant cash flows that the West can do little to cut off. The United States specializes in stopping international terror financing through banks and charities, but it lacks the reach and expertise it needs to bust fundraising at the village level.
Why Netanyahu is Under Fire for Gaza Cease-fire Agreement
September 5, 2014

Israeli forces pounded Gaza over the summer, yet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being heavily criticized for accepting an Aug. 26 cease-fire agreement. The objectives of the operation have not been met, the critics claim. Chief among those goals was disarming Hamas to enhance Israel’s security.
Chaos Opens New Options for Israel, as US Ties Suffer
September 4, 2014
In the spreading chaos and rapidly shifting geopolitics of the Middle East, Israel for the first time finds itself in a position of formal or informal alliance with much of the Sunni Muslim world but increasingly at odds with its strongest historical backer in the West, the United States.
EU-Russian Standoff Traps Moldova, Europe’s Poorest Nation
September 4, 2014
As the standoff between the European Union and Russia over the fate of Ukraine and the other former Soviet republics of Eastern Europe intensifies, the Kremlin seems likely to increase its efforts to destabilize Moldova — the continent’s most impoverished country. Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely to punish Moldova for moving closer with the EU.
Russia, Iran Eying Sanctions-Busting Barter Deal
September 4, 2014
Russia and Iran are negotiating an agreement to trade oil for goods in a barter deal that would violate international sanctions on Iranian oil exports. Moscow and Tehran have signed a preliminary agreement, and both sides have powerful incentives to move forward.
Nightmare in Libya: Unlikely Player Takes on the Jihadists
September 3, 2014
The West has been mesmerized by the social-media-savvy Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. But who is dealing with out-of-control Libya, where the government admits it has no authority over its own ministry buildings in Tripoli and where 11 airliners have gone missing, posing a 9/11 anniversary terrorist threat?
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