October 24, 2014

By Norman A. Bailey

Turkey, a NATO ally and jihadist sympathizer, is facing a web of conflicting interests, pressures and events unseen since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the declaration of the Turkish republic following the end of World War I.

Turkey Struggles With Fallout From Reckless Actions
Turkish riot police fire tear gas into a crowd of anti-ISIS demonstrators earlier this month. (Adem Altan/Getty Images)
Hungry Russia Seeks Food from Asia After Spat with US, EU
September 10, 2014
With relations between Moscow and the European Union deteriorating rapidly, the Kremlin is looking to Asia to help feed the Russian people. Russia’s trade pivot to the East is likely to intensify as President Vladimir Putin continues to anger the West with his support of pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine.
Black Market Oil Fuels North Korea
September 9, 2014
By Gordon G. Chang

Has North Korea ground to a standstill because of a lack of oil? Did China cut them off? Is Russia filling the void, and what is Iran up to in the shadowy world of black market oil sales? Those questions have many answers. Some may be true.
NATO’s Turkey Shares Blame for Rise of ISIS
September 9, 2014
Turkey helped to create a monster when it backed rebels against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and many of those fighters joined the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq. The terrorist army initially greatly benefited from Turkish help, as it freely crossed the border with Syria. But now the ISIS has turned on its benefactor and declared Turkey an “infidel.”
Fleitz: Attack ISIS in Syria Even If It Helps Assad
September 9, 2014
By: Fred Fleitz

Three questions are being raised by pundits and politicians about how Iran and Syria’s Assad regime should figure into possible military action by the United States and its allies against the terrorist army of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.
  • Is it a mistake to attack ISIS in Syria because ISIS is also an enemy of Syrian President Bashar Assad and such attacks may ensure he holds on to power?
  • Should the U.S. team up with the Assad regime to attack ISIS in Syria?
  • Should the U.S. work with Iran to destroy ISIS?
Putin Mocks World Order With Ukraine Cease-Fire
September 8, 2014

A shaky cease-fire accepted by Ukraine and Russian-backed Ukrainian rebels was not just a capitulation by Ukraine to Russia: It was also a rejection by Russian President Vladimir Putin of the Western conception of world order since the end of the Cold War. Despite the cease-fire, Russia may still attempt to peel away more territory from Ukraine and possibly other former Soviet states because no power is stopping it.
Ratings Agencies Facing Bill for Risky Business
September 8, 2014
Special Economic Analysis
by Peter Warburton, PhD

Recent federal judgments totaling $20 billion against J.P. Morgan, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs for their actions in the run-up to the 2008 financial crisis are a reminder that the final reckoning is incomplete: The three U.S. credit ratings agencies that grade 96 percent of global bond issues have thus far evaded similar punishment for their role in the sub-prime mortgage crisis, pleading the First Amendment. That could be about to change.
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