July 25, 2014
Amidst the furor over the Israel-Hamas war and the horrific downing of a Malaysian airliner over eastern Ukraine, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is suddenly yesterday’s news. But ISIS and its leader, the self-proclaimed Caliph Ibrahim, also known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, itself a nom de guerre, remain center stage in the Middle East.
New Caliph Wins Few Converts but ISIS Army Poses Major Threat
Demonstrators in Kashmir wave the Palestiknian and ISI flags in a protest over Israel. (Getty Images)
Saudi-Iranian Proxy War Thwarts Progress in Yemen
July 18, 2014
As Saudi Arabia and Iran continue to face off over a fractured Iraq, the Sunni and Shia religious rivals increasingly find themselves engaged in a standoff in Yemen, more than 1,200 miles to the south. Yemen is already struggling to maintain order, and its fragile political gains are in danger if the ancient sectarian conflict escalates within its borders.
Hamas Rockets Inflicting Severe Damage — on Hamas
July 18, 2014
The Hamas campaign of firing rockets into Israel from Gaza has had little practical effect, other than severely degrading the Islamist group’s own image across the region. The Hamas rejection of an Egyptian cease-fire initiative (which Tel Aviv respected) will infuriate the Egyptians and end any chance of loosening their blockade, while retaliatory airstrikes by Israel have significantly degraded Hamas arsenal, storage and rocket-manufacturing facilities.
Israel Targets Hamas Rocket Threat in Ground Invasion of Gaza
July 18, 2014

After negotiations and a brief cease-fire failed to bring about a settlement agreement in the 10-day Israel-Gaza conflict, Israel Thursday night began a ground invasion of Gaza to wipe out Hamas’ rocket capabilities and dismantle an extensive network of tunnels used by the militants to infiltrate Israel.
China, Russia Scramble to Fill US Leadership Void in Latin America
July 17, 2014
Mere months after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry declared the Monroe Doctrine to be null and void, China and Russia are seeking to take advantage of U.S. neglect of the Western Hemisphere by expanding their presence in the region. Both Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin are aggressively courting the region’s leftist leaders during overlapping trips to Latin America and the Caribbean this week.
WTO Subsidy Brawl Widens Chasm Between West and the Rest
July 17, 2014
China and India scored partial victories this week in their lengthy trade disputes against the United States, making it harder for Washington to challenge the trade practices of other nations on a global scale. A panel of World Trade Organization judges used a rather strict interpretation of what constitutes a “public body” to strike down the American arguments that solar panel and steel exporters in China and India received unfair subsidies.
Islamic Army’s Advance Ignites European Terrorism Fears
July 17, 2014
The European Union is growing alarmed by the prospect of more than 2,000 European-born militants fighting alongside of the Twitter-savvy Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). As the foreign insurgents begin returning home, the danger of new terrorist attacks in Europe is rising dramatically.
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