October 24, 2014

By Norman A. Bailey

Turkey, a NATO ally and jihadist sympathizer, is facing a web of conflicting interests, pressures and events unseen since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the declaration of the Turkish republic following the end of World War I.

Turkey Struggles With Fallout From Reckless Actions
Turkish riot police fire tear gas into a crowd of anti-ISIS demonstrators earlier this month. (Adem Altan/Getty Images)
ISIS Recruiting Terrorists Across Asia
October 15, 2014

By Alec Weisman

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is recruiting restive Muslims throughout Asia, as the terrorist army expands its global reach beyond the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

 Europe’s Central Banker Backs Shock Therapy for Sick Economy
October 14, 2014

By Brent Eastwood

The European Union is muddling through another year of low growth and high unemployment with tiny Malta and Slovenia as the only countries with an economic pulse. But now Europe’s central bank chief is ready to take a final throw of the dice that reminds some of Japan’s desperate gambit to fix its own financial struggles last year.

 Argentina Erupts Over Contempt Ruling as Debt Deadline Looms
October 13, 2014

By Peter Warburton and Robert Sierra

The Argentine debt crisis took a bizarre twist when President Cristina Fernandez accused the United States of trying to topple her government or assassinate her.

Fernandez’s outburst followed a ruling from a U.S. federal judge who held Argentina in contempt of his earlier ruling that it pay a group of foreign investors the full amount on bonds they bought for pennies on the dollar from the nearly bankrupt South American nation, which continues to default on its financial obligations.

General’s Moves Could Signal New Boss in North Korea
October 10, 2014

By James Morrison

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un missed a key political commemoration Friday, prompting more speculation that the 31-year-old heir to the brutal Kim dynasty who vanished from public sight more than a month ago has been pushed aside or overthrown.

Most Asia watchers remained puzzled by events in secretive, nuclear-armed North Korea. However looking beyond the mystery of the missing dictator, one observer is closely watching the moves of Gen. Hwang Pyong So, who has suddenly stepped into the international spotlight from the shadowy world of North Korea’s byzantine politics.

Turkey Faces Tough Choices as ISIS Attacks Border Town
October 9, 2014

By Lisa M. Ruth

Turkey faces a deadly dilemma as the jihadist terrorist army in neighboring Syria besieges a strategic Syrian border town. The Turks could be forced to take military action in a conflict they have been trying to avoid with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Mysterious Absence of North Korea’s Kim Sparks Rumors
October 8, 2014
By James Morrison

Like a global game of “Where’s Waldo,” foreign policy analysts from Washington to Seoul are speculating on the mysterious disappearance of North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un, who has not been seen in public for more than a month.

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