April 23, 2014
Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan supported Russian President Vladimir Putin’s power grab of Ukraine’s Crimea region and intend to sign the treaty to establish his ambitious Eurasian Economic Union next month, but the Kremlin’s bad behavior is causing some consternation among its allies. With even Europe’s last dictator, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko, breaking ranks with his buddies in the Kremlin over Ukraine, Putin’s Eurasian dream is unlikely to become the united rival to the European Union he desperately wants to create.
Putin’s Ukraine Moves Rattle His Eurasian Union Allies
Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, his Kazakh counterpart Nursultan Nazarbayev and Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, right, arrive at a meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council at the Kremlin in Moscow on Dec. 24, 2013. (Alexei Nikolsky/AFP/Getty Images)
Indian Leadership Change May Bring Bolder Foreign Policy
April 15, 2014
As hundreds of millions of Indians take part in a massive, month-long voting process that began April 7, nationalist candidate Narendra Modi is offering the prospect of a redrawn Indian constitution, economic reforms and a more engaged foreign policy. U.S. interests could be affected heavily if he wins election.
Pressure Builds as Iran Nuclear Talks Enter Critical Stage
April 15, 2014
Three months of nuclear negotiations with Iran have yielded no breakthroughs, and considerable work remains if there is to be a permanent agreement that goes beyond the scope of last November’s interim accord. The final treaty is to be drafted beginning next month, with each side jockeying for advantage over the future course of Iran’s nuclear program.
‘Heartbleed’ Bug Triggers Global Cybersecurity Panic
April 14, 2014

A software bug undetected for two years has exposed millions of credit card numbers and other sensitive personal and financial data, causing a global cybersecurity panic of systemic proportions. Just discovered last week, the glitch affects two-thirds of the Internet, including technology deployed by industry giants Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT).
Russia Quickly Fills Void as US Evacuates Kyrgyzstan
April 14, 2014
As the United States prepares to leave its base in Kyrgyzstan, Russia is poised to greatly expand its influence in a resource-filled country near Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. Over the past month, Russia has purchased Kyrgyzstan’s state-owned natural gas company, bid for its airports and increased pressure on the country to join its trade organization.
Will Kerry Abandon His Middle East Peace Effort?
April 14, 2014
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s growing frustration over Israeli-Palestinian peace talks may soon lead him to give up on this effort. The likely collapse of the talks became more apparent last week when Kerry said that the moment for a peace settlement went “poof” after Israel did not release a group of Palestinian prisoners on March 29 and Israeli officials said 700 new Israeli homes would be built in East Jerusalem.
Argentina: Violence Prompts Outbreak of Good Governance
April 14, 2014
The social fabric of Argentine society continues to fray, forcing the government to revise previously falsified economic statistics and come to terms with disaffected foreign creditors. The sudden interest in external help follows a series of vigilante attacks in the province of Buenos Aires leading to a state of emergency there, a nationwide wave of drug-fueled organized crime and a general strike over inadequate wage increases.
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