October 23, 2014

By Joel Himelfarb

Two deadly terrorist attacks targeting soldiers this week have left many Canadians fearing that their country is poorly prepared to tackle the domestic Islamic terrorist threat.

Canadians Fear Government is Unprepared to Stop Terrorism
Police search the area around Ottawa's National War Memorial where a terrorist killed a Canadian soldier Wednesday. (Peter McCabe/Getty Images)
Eurozone on the Brink, as ‘Super Mario’ Races to the Rescue
October 22, 2014

By Peter Warburton and Joanna Davies

A drama is unfolding at the heart of Europe as old stimulus programs expire and new ones meet with skepticism and derision. Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank, pulled off a timely rescue of the European monetary system in the summer of 2012 without spending a cent of central bank money. That earned him the nickname of “Super Mario” among admirers and critics, alike.

Islamic Tensions Rock Strategic US Ally Bahrain
October 21, 2014

By Alec Weisman

Worried by the recent success of Shiite tribesmen in Yemen, Sunni-ruled Bahrain is desperate to deter its Shiite-majority population from reviving their Arab Spring protests. However, the latest aggressive crackdown in the tiny island kingdom just before parliamentary elections next month may backfire and lead to greater unrest for the strategically important American ally torn between the two main factions of Islam.

Freelance Rebels Hitting ISIS Unlikely to Change Ground War
October 20, 2014

By Lisa M. Ruth

Ragtag rebels fighting independently of each other with hit-and-run tactics are harassing the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. They are adding to the chaos and confusion in Syria’s three-year civil war, but they are unlikely to accomplish much with their pinprick tactics against the powerful terrorist army.

Top Fund Guru’s Exit From Pimco Signals Cracks in Bond Market
October 17, 2014

By Peter Warburton and Tom Traill

The closest that the financial world gets to LeBron James switching teams is Bill Gross and his move from the Pacific Investment Management Co. to the Janus Capital Group, purportedly to spend more time managing money and less time managing a behemoth of a company.

Iran Talks, as Critics Warn of Tricks to Save Nuclear Program
October 16, 2014

By James Morrison

The United States and five other world powers are rushing to meet a Nov. 24 deadline to get a deal with Iran to stop its suspected nuclear-weapons program, as critics warn that the brutal theocratic regime will use any diplomatic trick to build an atomic bomb.

ISIS Recruiting Terrorists Across Asia
October 15, 2014

By Alec Weisman

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is recruiting restive Muslims throughout Asia, as the terrorist army expands its global reach beyond the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

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