August 29, 2014
Many U.S. officials fear the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is planning to attack the United States by crossing the porous southern border with Mexico. Texas Gov. Rick Perry has already warned that the militants probably are lying in wait in some U.S. border towns. Mexico dismisses the talk as “absurd,” but it does so little to police its own border that three Ukrainians with long criminal records easily walked into Texas recently.
New Nightmares: ISIS Crossing Border; Sleeper Cells in US
Members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and Jabhat al-Nusra pose on a road in northern Iraq. (Getty Images)
China’s Dreams for Shale Boom Stumble
August 29, 2014
China is stumbling as it tries to follow in the footsteps of the United States and tap its enormous reserves of shale oil and natural gas. After four years of largely lackluster exploration efforts, China recent decision to slash its 2020 production target reflects the difficulty of extracting the unconventional resource with limited foreign assistance.
Russian Armored Forces Invade Ukraine as West Stands By
August 29, 2014


Two columns of Russian armored personnel carriers and tanks blitzed into southeastern Ukraine Thursday morning, in a brazen move that shows Moscow is not afraid to create a full-blown military crisis out of a regional uprising. Russia will exploit the invasion to portray the West as powerless to stop it.

A LIGNET analysis on July 29 reported the signs that an invasion was likely. (Invasion Threat Looms as Putin’s Strategy Crumbles)

US, UN Struggle to Save Afghanistan Power Transition
August 29, 2014
Afghanistan’s future is on the brink as U.S. and UN diplomats struggle to save a power-sharing agreement between two presidential candidates. Without the deal, new ethnic violence could begin just as U.S. troops withdraw from the country.
Hamas Seeks to Disrupt Israel’s Energy Plans
August 29, 2014
Hamas’ recent attempts to target Israel’s offshore drilling rigs has disturbing implications for the Jewish nation’s efforts to tap its gigantic natural gas deposits in the Mediterranean Sea. Israel seems poised to sign a historic supply deal with Egypt to complement an earlier agreement with Jordan reached in February, but its frayed relations with Turkey from the ongoing violence seem to have killed talks to build an undersea gas pipeline to Europe.
Latin America Embraces Gaza, Rejects Israeli Trade
August 28, 2014
Leftist Latin American nations are turning on Israel and ignoring its efforts to promote free trade in the region as they embrace the Palestinian cause in the conflict in Gaza. The leaders of Latin nations with serious human rights violations are even accusing Israel of genocide.
Mideast Chaos, Conflicts Cripple Muslim Economies
August 27, 2014
Chaos, anarchy and civil war are crippling the economics of many nations in the Middle East and North Africa. Several have no functioning markets. In others, the productive assets that haven’t been destroyed have been seized by terrorists or separatists.
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