April 17, 2014
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula caught Western leaders by surprise, but it shouldn’t have. The Russian strongman clearly professes a nationalist, authoritarian, expansionist ideology that defines Russia in opposition to the West.
Putin’s Expansionist Ideology Seeks to Fill Post-Soviet Void
Russian President Vladimir Putin looks on during a press conference on Ukraine at his country home, Novo-Ogaryova, outside Moscow on March 4, 2014. (Alexey Nikolsky/AFP/Getty Images)
Putin Moving Toward Checkmate in Eastern Ukraine
April 18, 2014

The four-power deal regarding Ukraine concluded Thursday in Geneva gave hope to some for a de-escalation of the crisis and resolution of the outstanding issues. However, the deal did nothing to change the facts on the ground or to alter Moscow’s strategy to force Ukraine either to acquiesce to losing its eastern regions or face Russian military intervention masked as humanitarian assistance.
Surprise Ukraine-Russia Deal Will Please the Kremlin
April 18, 2014
Thursday’s deal to defuse the increasingly tense situation in eastern Ukraine came after surprisingly quick talks in Geneva. It remains to be seen if the agreement will be fully implemented by Russia and its Ukrainian supporters, but it could be that Russian President Vladimir Putin no longer sees the conflict as serving the Kremlin’s long-term interests.
V-22 Osprey Makes a Comeback as Marine Mission Evolves
April 18, 2014
The V-22 Osprey, a hybrid aircraft considered a technical marvel but called a flying death trap by its critics, may have reached a point of redemption. The U.S. Marine Corps has made the part-airplane, part-helicopter Osprey the centerpiece of its 10-year transformation strategy and expects the versatile aircraft to be a game-changer in the fight against insurgents in Africa.
European Union Struggles to Cope With Immigration Crisis
April 17, 2014
A growing flood of desperate migrants seeking asylum in the European Union is straining the bloc’s ability to curb human smuggling and protect its borders. As the EU’s 28 member countries are prohibited from using force to stop the refugees, the unending tide of immigrants from the Middle East, Russia, and sub-Saharan Africa is forcing the EU to work with the African Union to develop solutions to stem the humanitarian crisis.
Japan: Abenomics at Risk as Scared Investors Pile into Yen
April 17, 2014
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s controversial strategy of increasing exports by undermining his own currency is being undone by nervous foreign investors flooding into the yen for safety. A weaker yen makes Japanese exports cheaper, but the forex tide has reversed on Abe as China’s economy falters and events in Ukraine have led capital to exit Russia as well.
Nigerian Security Suffers as Boko Haram Grows More Brazen
April 16, 2014
Nearly a year after Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan established a state of emergency in three northern states to overcome the radical Islamist group Boko Haram, the insurgents appear undaunted by the government’s crackdown. With the death toll mounting, Boko Haram continues to destabilize Africa’s largest oil producer, biggest economy, and most populous country.
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