July 23, 2014

Despite ongoing peace efforts and growing international criticism of Israel’s invasion of Gaza, Israeli officials seem in no hurry to end their Gaza operation in light of the large number of tunnels and weapons uncovered over the past five days. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday emphasized the need for Hamas to end the conflict, a shift from controversial comments made over the past few days that were critical of Israel for the Gaza invasion.

Israel Presses Gaza Offensive, Undeterred by Negative Press
Israeli soldiers evacuate their wounded at an army deployment area near Israel's border with the Gaza Strip on July 23, 2014. (JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images)
Human Intel Key to Cracking Global Islamist Terror Threat
September 26, 2013
The value of human intelligence in the fight against global terrorism cannot be overstated and the history of the art and science of using informants provides many examples of its successful use. But it will take a profound recasting of past practices to achieve the same result when it comes to the unfocused, ad hoc nature of the jihadist threat.
US-Russia Deal on Syrian WMD Faces Major Obstacles
September 26, 2013
While Russian and Syrian officials continue to insist that Syria will fully comply with a U.S.-Russia agreement to remove and destroy Syrian chemical weapons, they also raised issues this week that could prove to be major obstacles for implementing the agreement.
Ban on Muslim Brotherhood Will Worsen Unrest in Egypt
September 25, 2013
In ruling that the Muslim Brotherhood should be disbanded and its assets placed in escrow, an Egyptian court is widening the chasm between the military-dominated government and the millions of Egyptians who support the Brotherhood. The ruling, which could be affirmed or overturned by a higher court, extends to the judiciary the suppression of the Brotherhood that began immediately after the forced removal from power of President Mohammed Morsi on July 3.
Bo Xilai Show Trial Exposes Rift in Chinese Leadership
September 25, 2013
On the surface, it may appear that the conviction of Bo Xilai puts to rest the biggest political scandal to rock China in decades. But the reality is that Bo’s conviction exposes a deep divide in the Communist leadership. While President Xi Jinping, who viewed Bo as a rival, may have the upper hand for now, he is likely acutely aware of the struggles his country will face during his tenure.
Rouhani Talks Peace as Iran Edges Closer to Nuclear Threshold
September 25, 2013
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stepped up Tehran’s public relations offensive at the United Nations on Tuesday, making sweeping statements about peace and reconciliation but offering no concrete proposals on improving relations or any concessions on the nuclear program. His speech suggests that Iran is looking to gain acceptance in the world – and reduce painful economic sanctions – but is not likely to make significant changes to bring that about.
Brazilian Leader Tilts Left in Snub of  Obama Over NSA Spying
September 25, 2013
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s snub of President Obama last week is the latest sign of a leftward drift in Brazil as Rousseff courts her domestic base ahead of elections. The political shift affects not just domestic issues but also undercuts U.S. interests in Latin America and bolsters a leftist trend across the region.
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