August 26, 2014

As support grows in Washington for more airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, most politicians are avoiding discussing the likelihood that the well armed and well financed terrorist army can’t be defeated with air power alone: Some ground troops will be required. President Obama continues to publicly rule out sending U.S. combat troops to Iraq and Syria, but the United States and Britain have secretly developed a plan for a joint commando “hunter-killer” force to attack ISIS and destroy its command structure, according to a London newspaper.
US and Allied Troops Will Be Needed to Defeat ISIS
A US soldier looks out from a US Chinook helicopter on May 28, 2014, as he leaves Afghanistan. US troops may soon be sent into Syria with a mission to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. (Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images)
Israel Pivots to Asia, as West Increases Pressure Over Gaza
August 26, 2014
Israel is turning to Asia to develop strong economic relations in a major pivot from traditional allies in the United States and Britain, after Washington and London placed unpalatable demands on the Jewish state in its war against Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip.
‘Legal’ Marijuana Sales Push Cash Out of Legitimate Economy
August 26, 2014
The federal government is in such a fog over how to deal with legalized marijuana in 23 U.S. states that mom and pop pot-shop owners might be wondering what the feds are smoking.
ISIS Aims to Reestablish Islamic Caliphate on Global Scale
August 25, 2014
Once an offshoot of al-Qaeda, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has morphed into something approaching the size and influence of a nation unto itself, with the goal of reestablishing a caliphate, the traditional seat of power in Islam where non-Muslims face submission or death.
The ISIS controls huge swathes of Syria and Iraq.It has $2 billion in pilfered assets and oil output generating $3 million a day.
NATO Adrift as Russia, Islamic Terrorism Tops Summit Agenda
August 25, 2014
Next week’s NATO summit will be dominated by the crises in Ukraine and Iraq, but it is unclear that the 28 member-nations will reach a consensus on critical security risks. The United States remains NATO’s most influential member but in recent years has exercised little leadership, resulting in an alliance adrift.
Global Real Estate a Better Deal Than Government Bonds
August 25, 2014
Special Economic Analysis
by Peter Warburton, PhD

These days most investments earn very little income: the interest rate on bank deposits is paltry and the yield from 10-year U.S. government bonds has fallen back to 2.4 percent, after surging ahead last year. The search for yield has intensified as retirees and many others look to derive more income from their savings without putting their capital at risk. While government bonds are traditionally a safe asset, this description may no longer be valid because of the artificial demand that has been created by the U.S. Federal Reserve. In this world of shrinking yields, real estate investments have begun to look extremely attractive.

New Protests Open Old Political Wounds in Pakistan
August 22, 2014
Pakistan is veering toward another political crisis as thousands of protesters call for the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, while two leading opposition leaders accuse Sharif of rigging last year’s election that brought him back to power. Pakistan’s troubled political history is replete with similar crises, as the civilian leadership has sparred routinely with the military over who will control the government.
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