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Hoekstra and Rustmann Discuss Iraq Policy Failure

August 15, 2014
Former House Intelligence Chairman Pete Hoekstra told Newsmax TV, "There was a policy miscalculation and a State Department miscalculation and a DOD miscalculation and not understanding the full capabilities of ISIS." Former CIA officer Fred Rustmann added that the intelligence community was well aware of ISIS, which he characterized as a far worse global threat than al-Qaida because of its mission to form an Islamic caliphate.

Fleitz: CIA Did Not ‘Spy’ on the Senate

August 7, 2014
LIGNET chief analyst Fred Fleitz joined Rick Ungar, co-host of "Steel & Ungar'' on "The Steve Malzberg Show'' on Newsmax TV to debate allegations that the CIA's spied on Congress. Fleitz clarified public misinformation about the scandal, including that the CIA did not ‘hack’ into Senate computers and that CIA actions did not amount to spying on U.S. legislators. Ungar disagrees, arguing that CIA actions broke the prohibitions against domestic spying.

Fleitz: Libya Violence Likely to Continue

July 29, 2014
LIGNET Chief Analyst Fred Fleitz and Senior analyst Lisa Ruth discuss the turmoil in Libya and the likelihood it will remain volatile over the foreseeable future. The large number of militias, divided along tribal, religious and regional lines, with virtually no central government control makes any truce unlikely. Fleitz also discussed the possibility that Libya could see a strongman move in to help stabilize the situation and move the country toward democracy.

Putin Not Likely to Change Tact in Ukraine

July 25, 2014
LIGNET analyst Lisa Ruth explains that Putin remains defiant concerning Ukraine and the shootdown of MH 17, and he is unlikely to alter his position. Putin is currently enjoying an extremely high popularity rating at home, says Ruth, and most of the international community appears to be backing his rhetoric. Russia remains interested in keeping the former satellites in its orbit, and will attempt to avoid the appearance that the West forced its hand.

Dershowitz and Zogby Clash on Gaza Conflict

July 11, 2014
Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz and Arab American Institute President James Zogby debated on Newsmax TV about the crisis between Israel and Hamas. Dershowitz insists that Hamas is “100 percent at fault. Zogby acknowledged the rocket fire by Hamas was "inexcusable," but that the response of both sides was "stupid." Zogby insisted the real cause for the latest outbreak of violence is due to Israel "oppressing brutally" the Palestinians, and its "horrific blockade" of Gaza.

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