Has Edward Snowden Become an International Pariah?
A banner supporting leaker Edward Snowden is displayed next to a busy street in Hong Kong. (Reuters)
June 28, 2013
| Security
| The Americas
Although America’s adversaries and competitors have gleefully exploited the furor over allegations by former NSA technician Edward Snowden about telephone and Internet surveillance by the United States, at least some of these countries appear to believe that offering him asylum is not worth severely damaging their relations with the United States. Snowden therefore could become a stateless pariah with a limited number of options for asylum, none of them good ones.
Snowden flew to Moscow from Hong Kong on June 23 and remains in the transit area of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport. Moscow contends that Snowden has not formally entered Russia since he has not gone through passport control. The United States invalidated Snowden’s passport last weekend. Russia could admit him as a political refugee but apparently does not wish to do so. There have been press reports that Snowden has been provided with a letter from the Ecuadorian government allowing him to transit other countries en route to Ecuador. Ecuadorian officials have denied this.
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