Pentagon: Huge Increase in Attempts to Steal US Defense Tech
China’s “Pterosaur” drone – a clone of the U.S. Predator drone and believed to be based on stolen U.S. defense technology – is displayed at the 9th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai on November 13, 2012. (PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images)
January 8, 2013
| Security
| Asia and the Pacific
Unprecedented efforts last year by foreign entities to circumvent U.S. export laws and regulations to acquire sensitive American defense technology, detailed in a new Pentagon report, are certain to increase in 2013. The report details the pervasiveness of these efforts and concludes that they not only undermine U.S. national security, but also constitute industrial espionage.
The report issued last month by the Defense Security Service documented attempts by countries around the world in 2012 to gain illicit access to sensitive U.S. defense technology. More than 40 percent of these efforts were by Asia-Pacific nations, especially China. The report said many attempts to acquire restricted U.S. defense technology were complex efforts that included multiple approaches by different individuals as well as cyber attacks on the computer networks of U.S. defense firms.
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