Syria: Choice of Leader Hurting Arab League Observer Mission
Sudanese Lt. General Al-Dabi, who heads the Arab League observer mission in Syria, is notorious for having organized and funded the violent Arab militias that looted and burned non-Arab villages in Darfur starting in 1999. (SHRAF SHAZLY/AFP/Getty Images)
December 30, 2011
| Security
| Africa, Middle East and North Africa
The deployment of Arab League observers to Syria is not having the effect the international community had hoped for and may in fact be stoking the fires of dissent raging in Syria because of the choice of a certain Sudanese military officer to lead it.The violent crackdown on anti-government protesters continued on December 29 despite the deployment of 60 Arab League monitors. The monitors arrived in Syria earlier this week to see if the Assad regime was complying with a peace plan that includes a complete end to the violence, the withdrawal of armed forces, and the release of detainees. Forty people reportedly were killed on Thursday, mostly in areas being visited by the monitors.
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